Whole Body Workout

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* If you can only train 3 times a week then this is how you can be sure to train the whole body and get results guaranteed!


Follow this Program exactly, Print it and take it with you to gym each time!


Quads + Hamstrings + Calves

Quads = Tri-sets x 3 to 4 times =   9 to 12 sets Total

Leg extension             Weight x 10 reps +

Barbell Squat              Weight x 10 reps +

Leg press                     Weight x 10 reps =


Hamstrings = tri-sets x 3 to 4 times = 9 to 12 sets Total

Lying leg curl                  Weight x 10 reps +

Seated leg curl

Stiff legged Dead lift


Calves = tri-sets x 3 to 4 times = 9 to 12 sets Total

Standing calf raises             Weight x 10 reps +

Seated calf raises

Donkey calf



Back + Chest

Back = tri sets x 3 to 4 times

Lat pull downs                      Weight x 10 reps +

Bent over barbell rows

Seated pulley rows


Chest = tri sets x 3 to 4 times

Peck deck                                  Weight x 10 reps +

Bench press

Incline dumbbell fly



Shoulders + Arms

Shoulders = tri sets x 3 to 4 times

Standing side laterals                    Weight x 10 reps +

Dumbbell press

Standing Dumbbell bent laterals


Arms = tri sets x 2 to 3 times

Biceps =

Biceps preacher curls                            Weight x 8 reps +

Standing biceps curl

Seated dumbbell curl


Triceps =

Triceps press down                                 Weight x 8 reps

Close grip bench press

Flat triceps extension


Abdominals when you want before or after your session 2 to 3 times a week

In Intense cycle with a tri sets 2 to 3 times

Pulley crunch                                                    Weight x 10 reps +

Crunch combined leg raises

Seated pulley crunch


This training cycle is a base we can improve in the most personal and effective way

We can organise your training towards your goal but you have to follow some principles

Choice each weight exercise according to

1 = the number of reps

2 = the good form = along the line of pull, working the muscle to the entire range of motion, muscular control, target the muscle with specific position and angle

3 = heavy for the muscle concern not for the bones

Keep track after each session on weight used, reps and how good form was like as well as energy level, fatigue, duration of your workout

With some information and some specific question you can help yourself to progress and to reach your goal!

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