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It is quit difficult to possess a well proportionate back, or any other proportionate muscle group for that matter, especially, if you don’t know what to do or/and how to do, that is, the type of exercises, the number of sets or/and reps, the level of intensity, the form of execution, etc,

Benfatto Nutrition training guides | Written by Francis Benfatto

Working-out toward this goal in possessing a well proportionate back or/and a perfect musculature can make you a candidate to become an aesthetic bodybuilder, and then, to stand apart, next, you can expect to become one of a kind.

Since the beginning, when bodybuilding started to be fashionable, during the sixties until present time the majority of bodybuilders train heavy, hard or/and intense, this way of training was and still is effective and productive to progress, in strength and size, meantime, even though the minority of bodybuilders experience results, the majority of the gym population don’t benefit from it, this is understandable because not every trainee or bodybuilder who train is genetically gifted or possess all the mental and physical qualities require to obtain the desired results in strength and size,

Moreover, training heavy, hard, or/and intense completely erase the possibility to include in your training program, the most important and fundamental training element of all, that is, training with a correct form of execution, training without perfect form which will also erase the possibility to develop a well proportionate back or/and a perfect musculature, therefore, working out with the best possible form of execution is the sine quoi none condition to obtain not only a well proportioned, balanced and symmetrical musculature, but, also, an outstanding back,

Most trainees and bodybuilders, including top champions, train without applying a correct form of execution, the majority of people who train with weights, with the idea or goal to progress in size, train too fast, too heavy and/or too intensively, they cant think for themselves, and then, prefer to follow the tendency, they also go too quickly through their program and sets, without appropriately resting, they end-up working-out more their cardio-vascular system, that is, their heart and lungs, and keep on training through fatigue and/or even worst through exhaustion, they don’t know that possessing plenty of the requisite energy resources is needed not only, to stimulate growth while training, but also, to produce growth while resting,

Having said that, I feel that its time for me now, to help the majority of the gym goers and the serious bodybuilders that are still frustrated with their results or/and that haven’t yet reached their predetermined genetic potential, because they have been influenced by the genetically gifted bodybuilders and champions that can grow big and/or even huge, using heavy or/and intense methods, high volume of exercises and sets, or/and various cheating methods,

Soon I am going to teach you how to best utilize the One Arm Dumbbell Row exercise with a correct form of execution, in order, (to Stimulate Muscle growth as well as, (to obtain positive results in Size, Proportion and Symmetry!

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