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I am convinced that the Isolation Type of exercises are exercises that can do wonder, I am also convinced that the compound or/and basics, multi-joints exercises can do good too, therefore, it is of paramount importance to learn how to best utilize them, then you can expect to experience positive results, that is, developing your quadriceps muscles to the fullest possible, with no side effects,

Benfatto Nutrition training guides | Written by Francis Benfatto

I have to say though, that my recommendations, advice and training tips are mostly for the average trainees, gym goers, and bodybuilders which desired is to reach their full potential in size and proportion, the genetically gifted trainees and bodybuilders that can grow muscles just by looking at the weights, that you don’t see often at the gym can utilize any type of exercises, training methods and techniques, and can grow big or even huge, this category of people possess an abundance of the requisite genetics factors that make their musculature to blossom in despite of their methodology, these genetics factors that make them unique are:

  • Body types,
  • Skeletal formation,
  • Muscle length,
  • Fat distribution,
  • Fiber density,
  • Neurological efficiency,
  • Innate adaptability
  • and Psychological factors,

These rare individuals can if, they have the necessary drive and ambition to become big or/and huge in a relatively short period of time, and have the potential to take the first places at the bodybuilding contests.

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoComing back to our topic of the day, that is, the squat and, how to best stimulate growth exclusively in our quadriceps muscle, be certain that some specific conditions must be met, these conditions are:  energy resources + technical skills + training method or if you prefer training procedure.

Like you already know, the squat exercise is one of the most taxing and demanding exercise, because there is more than one muscle that come into-play when squatting, particularly, when we use the traditional way of squatting that isn't in my opinion the appropriate way of squatting there is, particularly if you want to target, isolate and stimulate your quads, so if you are not properly squatting you will be very much using the gluteus, the adductor and abductor, the hamstring, the lumbar and, to a certain extend: the calves and the abdominal muscles, all of them, can and will help the lifting of the weight, especially, if you are not conscious of their major contribution when utilizing a sloppy form of execution! Interestingly enough, most trainees and bodybuilders, including top champions don’t maximize the effect while squatting because they are more concerned about the weight than the working of their exercised-muscle.

The majority of trainees, bodybuilders and champions use:  fast rate of speed, momentum, partial-reps, body-leverages, all of these training methods and techniques are not appropriate, for the reason that they don’t work well and to the fullest the quadriceps muscle neither recruit maximum muscle-fibers, meantime, be sure that they will drain you from your vital energy resources, squatting without isolating to the fullest your quads, without a correct form of execution isn't the right way to train, especially for the majority of people that don’t possess the requisite genetics traits and drive that some rare trainees, bodybuilders and champions have, so, my advice is to stay with me, because I am going to demonstrate and explain how to best train your quads with the squat, to best stimulate muscle growth and progress, and then, you will never give-up your bodybuilding aspirations and dreams, and you will be progressing until you will reach your full potential.

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