Training: Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Incline Dumbbell Press

Stimulate and fail...

Benfatto Nutrition training guides | Written by Francis Benfatto

The Incline Dumbbell Press exercise is a compound or/and a basic exercise, that works 3 different and complementary muscles, that are, the upper chest, the front shoulders, and the triceps, until here, everything seems to be fine, but in reality it isn't! In fact, to succeed in developing your upper chest, you have to stimulate muscle growth while training, you need to reach muscle failure, muscle failure happens where you cant no longer perform 1 more rep in perfect form, in despite of your greatest effort! Everyone wishing to induce maximum muscle growth should follow this method of training.

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoThe problem here, when using this basic/compound or multi-joints exercise is that, muscle failure cant occurs, because this weight exercise also involve the front shoulders and the triceps muscles, the front shoulders and triceps, being smaller and, therefore weaker, will prevent you from working the pectorals to a point of muscle failure.


It’s not the pectoral that will prevent you from reaching muscle failure; it’s the weaker muscles; the front shoulders and the triceps.

In despite of that, there is a training method, part of the PP, the Progressive Performance methodology that will help you, to reach muscle failure, and then, stimulate muscle growth within your chest muscle.

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