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Let’s talk about one of the main areas of concern for most people, Abdominals (abs). What I am going to say may surprise you, you can’t trim or burn fat on a specific area like the abs.

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Francis Benfatto - Benfatto Nutrition - BN (16)You can’t tone fat!

Fact 1: Fat is burned through aerobic workout and weight training. Through cardio exercise you will burn fat.
Fact 2: You can do all the sit-ups and leg raises you want; they will not help you to burn the fat on your stomach.
Fact 3: You will just develop the abdominal muscles and these muscles will push the fat outwards and you will always see the fat.

That’s it... case closed!

But why?

You have skin, fat, and muscle. To define your abs, you will need to do a cardio workout and build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more you burn; that’s it. So forget about pills, machines, secret abs workouts, etc. In addition, you need to have a good nutrition program, do cardio training and weight workouts.

What is the best movement?

The things you need to know are pretty basic. Every time your legs go to your body, you work the lower abs. Every time your body goes to your legs, you work the upper abs. It’s better to work the lower abs rather than upper for the following reasons. Have you ever seen someone with great lower abs and flabby upper abs? Never! How about someone with pretty decent upper abs and a paunch for lower abs? This is generally the case. An excellent exercise to work your lower abs is leg rises. Work three to four sets of maximum repetitions. Remember, when you start to feel the ‘burn’ you are just beginning to work the abs. Try not to stop when you begin to feel the burn!

You can progress from leg raises to basic crunches. Again three to four sets of maximum repetitions. An important safety tip is: don’t grasp the back of your neck and pull. Instead, cross your arms over your chest and try to imagine an apple held steady between your chin and your chest. This is how you should perform a basic crunch. Finally, if you already posses decent abs, you need to watch your calories, avoid fats, burn fat through cardio exercise and build your abs muscles with basic movements.

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