Form of execution

Francis Benfatto - Legend (15)The A.R.T of execution

This essential training principle is the guide line of all training principles and methods part of the ART System, without perfect form all content of a training become inappropriate and false.

Perfect form means doing a full range of motion from a position of full extension to one of full contraction. The execution of each rep should be conducted at a relatively slow rate of speed with no external force assisting the muscle.
The A.R.T system is a flexible training approach that is easy to change and adaptable in respect to individuality. The A.R.T system is a confrontation between knowledge and experience, and between technique and performance. The most important lesson to learn is proper form of execution in each exercise that will help you achieve the Results you are looking for.

Watch the Videos carefully and see how I execute each movement with perfect form, which helps me to stimulate muscle growth quickly.

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