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Benfatto Nutrition: The Very First Workshop

The First One

Workshop 1... Getting things going

Whenever you do something for the very first time it can be sort of scary and nerve racking. In this case it was because we'd never done something like this before and we didn't know what to expect.

Zayne Isaacs | Benfatto Nutrition

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoWe, the agents, met up outside the Zone Fitness at the Cape Quarter Mall in Green Point where we kicked the morning training session off at around 8:30 AM. We met up with Francis and Adele, got our N.O. Pump and learnt quite a bit about Francis' PPS (Progressive Performance Strategy) training style.

He explained in depth the in's and out's of how the training system was developed. Definitely by far one the most fascinating training sessions I've ever had. The PPS training style requires immense focus and stability during each rep and works a lot with resistance. The movements are incredibly slow and painful once you start heading to the end of a set. Very different to anything I've ever done before. Where I'd usually increase the weight with each set, when performing the PPS training style I'd actually stick to the same amount of reps for each set.

The funniest thing is that when you're performing your set you look like a complete weakling, this was a joke going around while we were training. You see the whole point is getting the very best form while carrying out the exercise but at an incredibly slow pace. The only way to get this right is training with really light weights. We were training quads on the day we were with Francis and while I'm used to sometimes going up to 70 - 80 kgs with the leg extension, this particular time the highest amount of weight I'd push would be 20 kgs.

Benfatto Nutrition - Training Workshop 1 (25)

Taking it easy: This image was taken after the training workshop at Zone Fitness.

Pushing through the pain

Because your're pushing such light weight you're able to do many more reps, but the intensity of the pain is unbearable once you get to the end of your set. Because the movements are so slow that pain, while tensing and flexing, basically just sits in your muscles.

Overall the PPS system is great and it certainly works! All of the guys that made it through to the workshop were on their knees in pain. The N.O. Pump certainly helped while we were training and Francis was just amazing!

We'll be having loads more of these workshops in the future so be sure to keep coming back to check up on the latest Benfatto Nutrition events, seminars and workshops dates and locations.

Here are a few pics from the day

Zayne Isaacs | Benfatto Nutrition

A.R.T System



Francis Benfatto | Benfatto Nutrition

This work is a synergistic product of two people that created the A.R.T SYSTEM the (Auto Regulation Training) based on the strength and bodybuilding training principles (B.T.P), where we found the sources and roots of this training system.

The A.R.T System is educational, you learn about yourself during the process of each training session with the A.R.T System training sessions become guidelines for bodybuilder’s to conduct that are essential to evaluate our physical and mental capacity which is necessary to progress.
One of the fundamentals of the A.R.T System is to organise Training Principles and Methods in an efficient
and personal way. Starting with a Muscle Evaluation Test which is a specific test training to evaluate each muscle group for Strength, Power, Strength of endurance, and endurance of strength as well as your Muscular control and your mental and muscle capacity throughout effort.

Rene Meme

To become accurate, and functional, the real key lies in the methods choice and application or good form during training session. Rene Meme, a French man from Lyon created in the late 80, s the A.R.T System using first himself as an example and then working together at perfecting the A.R.T System while preparing for Mr Olympia in 1990

Francis Benfatto - Legend (12)


Most bodybuilders utilised the overload-system, which has it's own and obvious limitation when it starts to become too heavy, training heavy is good as long as you train heavy for the muscle not for the bones or tendons, following champions routines is not the answer, everyone is unique and must have a specific and personal training program.

When Rene and I started working together in elaborating the A.R.T System, I was in the process of preparing Mr Olympia 1990, our goal was to reach the best ever shape with this Major drug-test challenge. We succeeded in obtaining the cleanest test, according to doctor Hofmann who controlled all pro-bodybuilders during the drug-test, the same day 5 pro-bodybuilders was tested positive and 6 pro-bodybuilders did not attempted the Mr Olympia competition.

During the Mr Olympia pre-judging the crowd was very supportive and even if I didn’t win Mr Olympia, the feedback and encouragement from the audience was unbelievable and has a such impact on me that it gave me the necessary motivation and drive to developed with the help of my friend Rene Meme this new and revolutionary training approach, the A.R.T System

Francis Benfatto - Legend (13)

I knew that my preparation was effective and unique when I compared my conditioning with the others competitors backstage, I was sincerely ahead of them in this department, Lee Haney 7 times Mr Olympia at that time and Lee Labrada runner-up were personally concerned and looked at me with insistence back stage, it was again one more certitude that confirmed my conditioning and the effectiveness of the A.R.T System.

The material and arrangement has slowly evolved and has changed many physiques of those who have been using it, with the conviction that the A.R.T. System represent a holistic, integrated training approach for everyone!

Powdered by Experience

Francis Benfatto the Legend – FIBO POWER 2013

Francis Benfatto the Legend - FIBO POWER 2013

Francis Benfatto - world renowned, top professional bodybuilding athlete, and has been at the top of his game for the past 35 years. As a professional of such long standing, he has appeared on countless global fitness magazines, including FLEX and Muscle & Fitness USA, also for Perfect Body in Poland. These reflect just some of his many achievements in bodybuilding.

View the special interview for Olimp TV with Francis Benfatto in the embedded video on this page.