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Benfatto Nutrition: The Very First Workshop

The First One

Workshop 1... Getting things going

Whenever you do something for the very first time it can be sort of scary and nerve racking. In this case it was because we'd never done something like this before and we didn't know what to expect.

Zayne Isaacs | Benfatto Nutrition

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoWe, the agents, met up outside the Zone Fitness at the Cape Quarter Mall in Green Point where we kicked the morning training session off at around 8:30 AM. We met up with Francis and Adele, got our N.O. Pump and learnt quite a bit about Francis' PPS (Progressive Performance Strategy) training style.

He explained in depth the in's and out's of how the training system was developed. Definitely by far one the most fascinating training sessions I've ever had. The PPS training style requires immense focus and stability during each rep and works a lot with resistance. The movements are incredibly slow and painful once you start heading to the end of a set. Very different to anything I've ever done before. Where I'd usually increase the weight with each set, when performing the PPS training style I'd actually stick to the same amount of reps for each set.

The funniest thing is that when you're performing your set you look like a complete weakling, this was a joke going around while we were training. You see the whole point is getting the very best form while carrying out the exercise but at an incredibly slow pace. The only way to get this right is training with really light weights. We were training quads on the day we were with Francis and while I'm used to sometimes going up to 70 - 80 kgs with the leg extension, this particular time the highest amount of weight I'd push would be 20 kgs.

Benfatto Nutrition - Training Workshop 1 (25)

Taking it easy: This image was taken after the training workshop at Zone Fitness.

Pushing through the pain

Because your're pushing such light weight you're able to do many more reps, but the intensity of the pain is unbearable once you get to the end of your set. Because the movements are so slow that pain, while tensing and flexing, basically just sits in your muscles.

Overall the PPS system is great and it certainly works! All of the guys that made it through to the workshop were on their knees in pain. The N.O. Pump certainly helped while we were training and Francis was just amazing!

We'll be having loads more of these workshops in the future so be sure to keep coming back to check up on the latest Benfatto Nutrition events, seminars and workshops dates and locations.

Here are a few pics from the day

Zayne Isaacs | Benfatto Nutrition

BodyPower Expo India 2015: Sunit Jadhav

Sunit Jadhav at BodyPower Expo India 2015

The BodyPower Expo which took place in India not to long ago was a great experience and a lot of attention was paid at our booth at the expo. We attracted quite a few guests as well as a few local bodybuilders including Sunit Jadhav.


3 Exercises as a 'tri-set' method

Francis Befatto - Leg Training

Get warmed up!

Warm up, and strengthen the body, doing the Stabilizer movements as well as stretching the quadricep muscles.

Exercise 1

Leg Extension:

Set 1, 2 and 3 = 45kg x12 reps




Sitting upright in chair holding tight the handles, move slowly the resistance up without sudden burst, contract a second your quads muscles then return slowly to the start position, repeat 8 to 10 reps, remember that the number of reps are related to the weight used and the correct form = full range in slow and controlled motion.

Exercise 2:

Smith machine squat

Set 1, 2 and 3 = 10kg + bar and your body-weight x 8/12reps


Feet slightly forward and wide open apart, hips slightly pushed back in order to align your front toes & knees, head up and chest up, squatting parallel to the floor without moving your hips backward or forward during your entire set.Try to feel your muscle working against the resistance.

Exercise 3:

Leg Press

Set 1, 2 and 3 = 60kg x 10/12 reps




Feet positioned on the platform in order not to feel your lower back, keep your lower back always flat on the seated bench.

Break slightly the 90 degree/angle lower/upper legs, move in muscular control the resistance down and up, go to failure with a correct form!

Francis Benfatto - Legend (15)The A.R.T of execution

This essential training principle is the guide line of all training principles and methods part of the ART System, without perfect form all content of a training become inappropriate and false.

Perfect form means doing a full range of motion from a position of full extension to one of full contraction. The execution of each rep should be conducted at a relatively slow rate of speed with no external force assisting the muscle.
The A.R.T system is a flexible training approach that is easy to change and adaptable in respect to individuality. The A.R.T system is a confrontation between knowledge and experience, and between technique and performance. The most important lesson to learn is proper form of execution in each exercise that will help you achieve the Results you are looking for.

Watch the Videos carefully and see how I execute each movement with perfect form, which helps me to stimulate muscle growth quickly.