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Training: Single Arm Bicep Curls

Single Arm Bicep Curls

Load those guns!

Benfatto Nutrition training guides | Written by Francis Benfatto

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoThis isolation type of exercise is a must to develop your biceps, especially, if your biceps muscles are underdeveloped due to either poor genetics or/and bad training practices, its important to acknowledge that even though you do possess the ideal genetics for developing massive arms and good training practices, you might still not be satisfied with your actual biceps development. This is perhaps, because you haven’t yet learnt how to best stimulate growth in your biceps. In any case, I can guarantee you that the one arm biceps curl exercise, in combination with my training advices will definitely increase your chances to furthermore stimulate, and then, develop your biceps.
On top of that, you can also expect to improve the form and the shape of your biceps muscles, that is, the peak of your biceps, which means that your bicep muscles will look more impressive and muscular, this in return will create more illusion; Considering that the aesthetic and visual aspect of your biceps is of paramount importance when you flex it, either for someone who want to see it, or on stage during a bodybuilding competition.

Next time, I am going to define for you, how to best utilize this effective and productive biceps exercise, that is, the one arm biceps curl.