Who We Are

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoBenfatto Nutrition adds a new dimension to its scientifically advanced range of pro level supplements with the addition of 6 new state-of-the-art products.

When formulating these products, the passionate Benfatto Nutrition research & development experts left no piece of scientific research unturned to ensure that you get unique formulations specially designed to deliver the fastest, most unbelievable physique altering effects you've ever experienced!

“I only demand the best, so should you!" Francis Benfatto - Professional IFBB bodybuilding athlete since 1988.

Now, with Benfatto Nutritions product range you can fuel your passion & take your muscle building and fat loss to a whole new level and beyond! Unlock your potential... BREAK FREE!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create Superior Quality Sport Supplements in constant evolution for anyone whose goal is to progress in all sports including bodybuilding and fitness! Cutting edge, unique, safe and original supplements that are 100% effective!

Formulated by BN personal scientist, manufactured and tested under the strictest control with the health of people in mind! This vision for superior scientifically engineered products empowers us to innovate Benfatto Nutrition supplements created in excellence for excellence!

Benfatto Nutriition Products

Benfatto Nutrition Supplements are an excellent way to; complement your diet, improve your health, increase your performance, enhance your physique, boost your metabolism and help build muscle.

For bodybuilding and fitness, all sports, women and men, young and mature people. Benfatto Nutrition is part of our lifestyle and powered by our experience!


Supplements will never replace proper nutrition, but they can help you hit your fitness goals faster! Supplements complement your diet and help cover nutrient gaps, ensuring that your body has what it needs for peak performance.

No matter what your training goals are, the right supplements can help improve your health, performance and physique. Of course, you should always know what fuel to put into your tank.

In other words, don’t use anything you don’t understand. Assuming you already use a supplements, Benfatto Nutrition's supplements and products along with our intuitive training and nutrition guides (written by legendary bodybuilder Francis Benfatto himself) will help you build a solid supplement foundation and help you better understand what your needs are!

How can Benfatto Nutrition's supplements and products help you?

  • Complement your diet
  • Improve your health
  • Increase your performance
  • Enhance your physique
  • Help build muscle
  • Accelerate fat loss
  • Promote weight loss

The man behind the brand


Benfatto is an italian word that means “well made” or “well built”. Francis Benfatto is a world renowned, top professional IFBB bodybuilding athlete. He has been at the top of his game for the past 40 years.

As a professional of such long standing, he reached his personal best by being placed 6th at Mr. Olympia in 1990. He made a comeback in the professional ranks of bodybuilding in March 2006 after a 14 year lay off at the tender age of 48. He was placed 6th overall, reaching his personal best shape ever and bodybuilding’s “Best ever comeback in History”. Francis has also appeared on countless global fitness magazine covers, including FLEX and Muscle & Fitness.


He has created his own Training Methods called Progressive Performance targeted towards people over the age of 50 who would still like to progress, no matter the odds. He has also successfully launched two supplement brands in Europe and now in SA. Benfatto Nutrition is for all inspired sport and “Body Builders”, while Benfatto Longevity is an organic health range.

At 56 Francis still dedicates his life doing Exhibitions worldwide and has the passion to educate people on how to train smarter and to achieve their goals!

Find out more about Francis Benfatto here!


What do our customers say?

Our products are par to none in terms of quality, effeciency and potentcy. Benfatto Nutrition has created the ultimate line of nutritional and performance supplements available today.

We take pride in the response we receive from customers who use our various products. We do our best to record clients testimonials on a regular basis and many of these can be viewed in our testimonial section on this website. Feel free to see what our customers and athletes have to say about our products.