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Training: Single Arm Rows

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoSingle Arm Dumbbell Row

It is quit difficult to possess a well proportionate back, or any other proportionate muscle group for that matter, especially, if you don’t know what to do or/and how to do, that is, the type of exercises, the number of sets or/and reps, the level of intensity, the form of execution, etc,

Benfatto Nutrition training guides | Written by Francis Benfatto

Working-out toward this goal in possessing a well proportionate back or/and a perfect musculature can make you a candidate to become an aesthetic bodybuilder, and then, to stand apart, next, you can expect to become one of a kind.

Since the beginning, when bodybuilding started to be fashionable, during the sixties until present time the majority of bodybuilders train heavy, hard or/and intense, this way of training was and still is effective and productive to progress, in strength and size, meantime, even though the minority of bodybuilders experience results, the majority of the gym population don’t benefit from it, this is understandable because not every trainee or bodybuilder who train is genetically gifted or possess all the mental and physical qualities require to obtain the desired results in strength and size,

Moreover, training heavy, hard, or/and intense completely erase the possibility to include in your training program, the most important and fundamental training element of all, that is, training with a correct form of execution, training without perfect form which will also erase the possibility to develop a well proportionate back or/and a perfect musculature, therefore, working out with the best possible form of execution is the sine quoi none condition to obtain not only a well proportioned, balanced and symmetrical musculature, but, also, an outstanding back,

Most trainees and bodybuilders, including top champions, train without applying a correct form of execution, the majority of people who train with weights, with the idea or goal to progress in size, train too fast, too heavy and/or too intensively, they cant think for themselves, and then, prefer to follow the tendency, they also go too quickly through their program and sets, without appropriately resting, they end-up working-out more their cardio-vascular system, that is, their heart and lungs, and keep on training through fatigue and/or even worst through exhaustion, they don’t know that possessing plenty of the requisite energy resources is needed not only, to stimulate growth while training, but also, to produce growth while resting,

Having said that, I feel that its time for me now, to help the majority of the gym goers and the serious bodybuilders that are still frustrated with their results or/and that haven’t yet reached their predetermined genetic potential, because they have been influenced by the genetically gifted bodybuilders and champions that can grow big and/or even huge, using heavy or/and intense methods, high volume of exercises and sets, or/and various cheating methods,

Soon I am going to teach you how to best utilize the One Arm Dumbbell Row exercise with a correct form of execution, in order, (to Stimulate Muscle growth as well as, (to obtain positive results in Size, Proportion and Symmetry!

Training: Single Arm Bicep Curls

Single Arm Bicep Curls

Load those guns!

Benfatto Nutrition training guides | Written by Francis Benfatto

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoThis isolation type of exercise is a must to develop your biceps, especially, if your biceps muscles are underdeveloped due to either poor genetics or/and bad training practices, its important to acknowledge that even though you do possess the ideal genetics for developing massive arms and good training practices, you might still not be satisfied with your actual biceps development. This is perhaps, because you haven’t yet learnt how to best stimulate growth in your biceps. In any case, I can guarantee you that the one arm biceps curl exercise, in combination with my training advices will definitely increase your chances to furthermore stimulate, and then, develop your biceps.
On top of that, you can also expect to improve the form and the shape of your biceps muscles, that is, the peak of your biceps, which means that your bicep muscles will look more impressive and muscular, this in return will create more illusion; Considering that the aesthetic and visual aspect of your biceps is of paramount importance when you flex it, either for someone who want to see it, or on stage during a bodybuilding competition.

Next time, I am going to define for you, how to best utilize this effective and productive biceps exercise, that is, the one arm biceps curl.

Training: Squats


Get low...

I am convinced that the Isolation Type of exercises are exercises that can do wonder, I am also convinced that the compound or/and basics, multi-joints exercises can do good too, therefore, it is of paramount importance to learn how to best utilize them, then you can expect to experience positive results, that is, developing your quadriceps muscles to the fullest possible, with no side effects,

Benfatto Nutrition training guides | Written by Francis Benfatto

I have to say though, that my recommendations, advice and training tips are mostly for the average trainees, gym goers, and bodybuilders which desired is to reach their full potential in size and proportion, the genetically gifted trainees and bodybuilders that can grow muscles just by looking at the weights, that you don’t see often at the gym can utilize any type of exercises, training methods and techniques, and can grow big or even huge, this category of people possess an abundance of the requisite genetics factors that make their musculature to blossom in despite of their methodology, these genetics factors that make them unique are:

  • Body types,
  • Skeletal formation,
  • Muscle length,
  • Fat distribution,
  • Fiber density,
  • Neurological efficiency,
  • Innate adaptability
  • and Psychological factors,

These rare individuals can if, they have the necessary drive and ambition to become big or/and huge in a relatively short period of time, and have the potential to take the first places at the bodybuilding contests.

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoComing back to our topic of the day, that is, the squat and, how to best stimulate growth exclusively in our quadriceps muscle, be certain that some specific conditions must be met, these conditions are:  energy resources + technical skills + training method or if you prefer training procedure.

Like you already know, the squat exercise is one of the most taxing and demanding exercise, because there is more than one muscle that come into-play when squatting, particularly, when we use the traditional way of squatting that isn't in my opinion the appropriate way of squatting there is, particularly if you want to target, isolate and stimulate your quads, so if you are not properly squatting you will be very much using the gluteus, the adductor and abductor, the hamstring, the lumbar and, to a certain extend: the calves and the abdominal muscles, all of them, can and will help the lifting of the weight, especially, if you are not conscious of their major contribution when utilizing a sloppy form of execution! Interestingly enough, most trainees and bodybuilders, including top champions don’t maximize the effect while squatting because they are more concerned about the weight than the working of their exercised-muscle.

The majority of trainees, bodybuilders and champions use:  fast rate of speed, momentum, partial-reps, body-leverages, all of these training methods and techniques are not appropriate, for the reason that they don’t work well and to the fullest the quadriceps muscle neither recruit maximum muscle-fibers, meantime, be sure that they will drain you from your vital energy resources, squatting without isolating to the fullest your quads, without a correct form of execution isn't the right way to train, especially for the majority of people that don’t possess the requisite genetics traits and drive that some rare trainees, bodybuilders and champions have, so, my advice is to stay with me, because I am going to demonstrate and explain how to best train your quads with the squat, to best stimulate muscle growth and progress, and then, you will never give-up your bodybuilding aspirations and dreams, and you will be progressing until you will reach your full potential.

Training: Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Incline Dumbbell Press

Stimulate and fail...

Benfatto Nutrition training guides | Written by Francis Benfatto

The Incline Dumbbell Press exercise is a compound or/and a basic exercise, that works 3 different and complementary muscles, that are, the upper chest, the front shoulders, and the triceps, until here, everything seems to be fine, but in reality it isn't! In fact, to succeed in developing your upper chest, you have to stimulate muscle growth while training, you need to reach muscle failure, muscle failure happens where you cant no longer perform 1 more rep in perfect form, in despite of your greatest effort! Everyone wishing to induce maximum muscle growth should follow this method of training.

Benfatto Nutrition - LogoThe problem here, when using this basic/compound or multi-joints exercise is that, muscle failure cant occurs, because this weight exercise also involve the front shoulders and the triceps muscles, the front shoulders and triceps, being smaller and, therefore weaker, will prevent you from working the pectorals to a point of muscle failure.


It’s not the pectoral that will prevent you from reaching muscle failure; it’s the weaker muscles; the front shoulders and the triceps.

In despite of that, there is a training method, part of the PP, the Progressive Performance methodology that will help you, to reach muscle failure, and then, stimulate muscle growth within your chest muscle.